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The ploughs have been specifically designed to meet the needs of farmer’s where high performance, ease of use and cost are of prime concern.

It has a side mounted pneumatic or steel depth wheel with independent left and right hand depth adjustment and hydraulic damper.It also enables a smooth shock free turnover and a hydraulically operated Auto- Changeover valve. This is further enhanced by Independent left and right hand verticality adjusters.

The Dowdeswell system enables for a very high point lift with the geometry designed so the spring loading reduces as the body rises clear of the ground


  • Helen Kingston
    Helen Kingston

    After ordering online, my parts arrived in Berlin in a week and was well packed. However I never received an e-mail that the parts has been sent. Would be nice to know there is courier coming. All in all i’m proud that my car is fixed and would positively use once more.

  • Michelle Foster
    Michelle Foster

    I have always had a good experience with post96auto and some of the deals are great if you get them at the right times! I have never had problems with the parts I recently, last order arrived in 48 hours!

  • Nicholas Woods
    Nicholas Woods

    I bought two parts which were much cheaper than any other online shops. I live in Norway and the delivery time was 5 days – Cool!
    However the delivery charge was about 10 pounds when shipping to Norway. It was still cheaper than buying the parts in Norway, so will order as often as I can .