If you need to store your car away

Sometimes you might need to store your car away for safe use in the future. You could be going away or could have a real classic from your grandparents that is sentimental to you.

In case you are going to leave your car unused for a while, there are a few simple things you can do to make sure that it will be in good condition and ready to use when you get back. It all depends how long you are planning to store your car, if unsure or if its too long consult your local garage.

Don’t remove a battery lead unless you know the codes that relate to your digital appliance that require like your can radio. Also any other on-board computers can be affected by long term disconnection of the battery. You might need to check the vehicle handbook or contact the manufacturer.

Don’t let plastic covers rest on the paintwork. Flapping covers can damage paintwork especially if they are left resting on the paintwork for a long time.

Also ensure to make a note of what you’ve done to the vehicle and put it in the car as a reminder when you need to use the car the next time.

If you are storing a high value car (forexample classic or show vehicles) for long periods you might consider thinking about using a commercial storage company.