Your rights if you hire a mechanic

Sometimes things may not go well after you get a part from us and pass it to the garage to fix your vehicle. We wouldn’t want to live you uninformed;

Overcharged too much for the work
What can you do if a garage tries to charge you unfairly for work done on your vehicle. You can excise your rights if you agreed a price before work was done or if you did not agree a price beforehand, or if possible you can dispute the bill.

If there are issues with the quality of repairs or service
If you are unhappy with the quality of work done on your vehicle by a garage. You can excise your rights to have poor repairs fixed free of charge or getting a second opinion.

Unnecessary Delays in carrying out the repairs
It is possible to excise your rights if the work on your vehicle is taking longer than neccesary to complete. You could use your rights for the unreasonable amount of time or breach of contract.

For more details you can get in touch with the citizens advice bureau