What equipment should be in your car all the time

Emergency don’t usually make a warning not matter how safe we try to keep ourselves. However, no one likes to imagine the worst but there’s no harm in preparing for it.

So, what to include in your in-car’s emergency kit, here is most of our customers say:

  • Spare coolant, oil and windshield-washer fluid.
  • A charger that works off your cigarette lighter.
  • A torch is very handy if you break down at night to see your sorroundings.
  • Jump leads to kick start the battery should it ever flat line.
  • Versatile and lightweight, duct tape can act as a quick for for many uses.
  • Portable air compressor that can can reinflate a slow-leaking tyre, very quickly.
  • Warm, waterproof clothing in your boot. Having a warm jacket to keep you warm when waiting for assistance especially in the cold.
  • An ice scraper is very useful for clearing the windscreen and windows during winter times.
  • You need stay hydrated on long journeys, and when waiting for roadside assistance, by keeping spare bottles of water to hand.